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Parisian Home Style provides consumers with the best value and service for ready made drapes and other home decor products.

Ready made drapes - find draperies that suit the look of your room, whether your style is formal or casual, contemporary or traditional.
Pillows- simply update your decor in any room with accent pillows.
Fabric-express your individual style and create your own pillows, tablecovers, bedding and more with our fabric by the yard.

Decorate your home with style, color and design. We endeavor to bring you quality products, affordable pricing and satisfaction guaranteed.

Drapery & Design Guide

Measuring Guide - All Parisian Home Style ready made drapes are priced per panel. Two panels will make a complete pair.

Pole Pocket/Back Tab Panels: Measure length from the top of the pole to the floor and add 1” to this length for poles up to 1” in diameter to accommodate for pole take-up. Add 2” to this length for poles more than 1” in diameter to accommodate for rod take-up.

Grommet Panels: Measure from the top of the pole to the floor. Add 1-1/2” to this measurement for grommet placement.

Using ring top with clips: Measure from the bottom of the drapery ring to the floor. For puddling, see below.

Puddling – enhances the finished look and also a great way to disguise uneven floors.
Small puddle: break in the fabric where it meets the floor; add 1”-2” to your length.
Medium puddle: dramatic break with some fabric resting on floor; add 3”-5” to your length.
Luxury puddle: generous amount of fabric pooling on the floor; add 6”-8” to your length.

Width: to determine how many panels you need to achieve the desired fullness, take the window’s width measurement and multiply by 1 (tailored), by 1.5 - 2 (standard) or by 3 (full).
Example: your window measures 50” and you like standard fullness, you will need 75” to 100” of panel width. In the silk dupioni and faux silk drapes, you would need to purchase 2 panels.

Tiebacks are optional for every one of our drapery panels. Tiebacks help to emphasize the shape and form of the panel and create interesting textural surfaces. They provide a way to tie the elements of the room’s decor together.

Linings: a quality drape is made with lining which backs the primary drape. The lining protects the drape fabric from the damaging effects of sunlight and also offers privacy. All silk dupioni drapes, faux silk and linen drapes are lined.

Flannel interlining: the interlining is the layer of material between the drapery fabric and the lining. Made of 100% cotton and provides a greater insulating factor and adds to the fullness of the drapes. All silk dupioni drapes and faux silk drapes are interlined.